Body Contouring, Energy Boosting, Pain Relief and So Much More.

Body Contouring, Energy Boosting, Pain Relief and So Much More.

Body Contouring, Energy Boosting, Pain Relief and So Much More.Body Contouring, Energy Boosting, Pain Relief and So Much More.Body Contouring, Energy Boosting, Pain Relief and So Much More.

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Health & Wellness

Let Our Compassionate Experts be Your 

Guides on the Path to Wellness.

Ask yourself one question...

Is the person helping you to achieve your wellness goals an 

expert in wellness or an expert in disease?

Our team of practitioners supports you on every leg of your wellness journey-

body, mind, and spirit. Think of it as a roadmap on your path to your wellness goals.

Whatever you need to move forward, we can find a way to assist.

How we can help...

CryoSkin 4.0 Body Contouring


Destroy Fat with this Cool Sculpting alternative!
Cryoskin 4.0 is a revolutionary machine from Europe which uses cold temperatures to permanently eliminate fat cells, lift and firm skin, help with cellulite and provide amazing facials. The technology can be applied using both the traditional massage technique and a new application using static heads which are both painless, non-invasive, and deliver on results. All of our Technicians are Advanced Certified and two of our Technicians are Master Level Trainers on this amazing new technology.

If you exercise and have a healthy diet, but can't seem to lose those stubborn fat pockets, Cryoskin is for YOU!

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy/PEMF


PEMF Therapy is a way to recharge every cell in your body so your cells are better able to uptake nutrients, excrete waste, and function optimally. The number one sign that your cells need energy support is pain. Pain and fatigue are your body’s cry for help — it’s how your body gets your attention. Other signs include dis-ease, weakness, reduced function of any body part, and emotional imbalances. 

*Can really assist with back pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, sleep issues, over trained muscles, broken bones, etc.*  

When it comes to PEMF therapy you want to make sure you are receiving care from a highly trained practitioner using the most advanced devices. All members of our staff are certified in the application of PEMF — two staff members received additional professional training, and the owner obtained the highest level of PEMF certification in October. 2019.

Whole Body Cryotherapy


You will stand in our Whole Body Chamber for 3 minutes. During this time cryogenically cooled air will be pushed into the chamber causing the air temperature to drop between negative 230 to negative 250 degrees fahrenheit.
This will cause the body to draw blood to the heart and vital organs where it will become more oxygenated and nutrient dense. Once that blood is pumped back through your body it reduces inflammation, improves muscle tissue recovery and boosts your immune system. Oh and it makes you feel incredible! Plus you burn between 500-800 calories each session. Fantastic for weight loss!

Orthopedic & Myoskeletal Alignment


Currently sessions are performed by Shae Connor, LMT, NASM CPT, SNS, CES, MMACS. She uses a mixture of modalities based on the personal needs of each client. Deep Tissue, Sports, Shiatsu, Swedish, Medical, Orthopedic, Myoskeletal Alignment, Thai, CranioSacral, Hot/Cold Stone, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment, Acupressure, Active Isolated Stretching, Active Release, Range of Motion, Kinesio Taping (Advanced), Energy Balancing & Reiki. Corrective Exercise also optional.

Audrey Nimmo, MS, LMT, CKTP 

Coming Soon


CAR.O.L Bike


AI Driven Bike lets you get more effective workout in 10 minutes than a 45 Minute run. This is a very easy way to biohack & improve your health, burn calories, and make the most of your valuable time. 


You can literally have an entire weeks worth of cardio done in less than 30 minutes of your time! 

The Energizer Ride (two 10 sec sprints) and the Intense Ride (two 20 sec sprints) for a total of 8:40, can push you to the max without having to sweat or waste time commuting to the gym, changing clothes, lifting/working out, shower, and the commute back. #NoExcuses

NormaTec Recovery System


NormaTec Recovery Systems are cutting-edge, commercial grade compression devices that enhance the body’s natural ability to recover. Using NormaTec’s full-length leg, arm, or hip compression attachments rejuvenates muscle tissue and dramatically reduces tightness and soreness. When used as part of a rehab protocol, NormaTec helps to speed recovery, improve outcomes, and increase client satisfaction.

Low EMF Salt Sauna


Enter your own paradise with our Single person Himalayan Infrared Salt Sauna! Not only are you getting the tremendous benefits of Himalayan salt, you are also gaining the indisputable relaxation and detoxification benefits of Infrared heat. Himalayan salt allows for easier breathing, and it dispels positive ions encountered ever day due to pollution, EMF, and allergens. When you bring infrared heat into your very own Himalayan salt sauna, you will feel like you arrived in heaven!

Fit 3D Body Composition Scan


Keep your goals in sight and move in the right direction. 

3D body scan maps the surface of your body and shows you more than 400 results about your body in three dimensions. Used by leading researchers and performance centers around the globe to track your body composition, health, posture, and basal metabolic rate. 

Corrective Exercise also optional.

VMax Vibration Therapy


  • Latest Premium Oscillation Vibration technology
  • Powerful 1.5 HP motor delivers regularly alternating up/down oscillation vibration & automatically engaging all major muscle groups.
  • Lymphatic Drainage & Detoxification
  • Core Strengthening 

Biophotonic Red Light Therapy


Healing & Anti-aging REDjuvenator™ is the most powerful Red Light Therapy and Near Infrared Therapy device available ANYwhere in the world. Amazing for fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration, boosting collagen and also used for pain relief for many people as well as their pets.